Hello, this is dawn from newdawnmattress.com, I used to work in Sears, Newark, CA for 7 years.  Now I quit my job and worked as a freelance writer.  I want to share with you guys my experience and knowledge about mattress buying and help you to pick up the best mattress within your budget and save money.

During my work, I found lots of customers have little knowledge about mattress buying, most of them only know some famous mattress brands such as Simmions, Sealy, Serta and King Koil.  And most of them are innerspring mattresses.  But now, more and more online mattress companies set up since 2014, the most popular of them are Casper. Right now, per my research, there are more than 100 online mattress brand in the United States. So how to pick up the best mattress from them? What’s the Pros and cons of each? what you need to consider before buying? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Basic Mattress Types

Before I get started, I would like to share some basic concepts of mattress choosing.

Innerspring is the most popular mattress type

Most manufacturers, especially the traditional companies use this material, they are full of bouncy, easy to produce, sleep cool, so that’s why it’s so popular.

But compared to other materials, it’s not so comfortable and durable, and performs poor on motion isolation, if any movement from your side, your partner can feel it easily.

Memory foam is the most popular mattress type

Memory foam is not firstly used in the mattress but per NASA, then in Medical, then people think why don’t we try it in a mattress? It performs very well on motion isolation, and far better than inner spring on comfort and durability.

But on the other hand, it sleeps hot, especially for the heavy people or big guy, so to fix this problem, the manufacturer adds gel into it, and make holes in memory foam so that it can sleep cool when you touch it and threat heat anytime during sleeping.

I would highly recommend you read this guide from BMR within your budget.  If you want to know more about memory foam mattress and how to pick up the best of them.mattress-buying-guide/

Latex is often used to prevent heat and produce luxury mattress

There are two types of latex used in the mattress, natural or organic latex is used by some manufacturers like Essential,  they sell very expensively.

And to lower the price, people produced Synthetic latex, it’s cheaper and can reduce the cost, manufacturers like Helix Sleep used them in their process. you can read the difference between them from this post.

Hybrid mattress is the mix of them

As I mentioned before, each material has its own pros and cons.  innerspring is bouncy but bad at motion transfer. memory foam mattress is very comfortable but gave out heat and has the odor. the latex mattress is cool but not as comfortable as memory foam, so there is still one choice. that mixes them together!

The helix I mentioned before use this way, another like Saatva and Aviya or Nest bedding use this as well on some of their collections.

Personally, I like Dromma bed best,  it’s 11 inches, made from latex+ gel memory foam, with 200 nights free trial and 12 years warranty, that means you can return for free within the first 200 days of sleeping. Totally risk-free choice. Personally, I don’t like Saatva very much, but this is very subjective and different from people.

Mattress size

mattress size
mattress size

Another important concept is mattress size, I believe most people are good to go with this if you purchased a mattress before.  So I don’t want to talk about this too much, you can get what you need on mattress sizes and what’s the best for you from this post.

What I should do if I have customized requirement

The most popular question from my customers is the relationship between sleeping position and mattress.  Different sleeping positions need different mattresses, especially on firmness scale.

Like side sleepers, per research most people in the USA side sleepers, some are mainly side sleepers with other position.

Like back pain, a lot of people in the United States of America have back pain, like NBA coach, Steve Kerr, just experienced serious back pain in the NBA finals.

Like unfixed sleeping position, most people would like to toss and turn, sleep with your back, your side, your stomach, sleep on the edge and center… so in this case, I would like to recommend you choose a medium feeling mattress.  That’s why most online mattress companies produce the “medium” feeling mattress, it’s neither too firm nor too soft and can be used by almost everyone.

Another factor you need to consider is the price

I see a lot of mattresses sell below $500 on Amazon or eBay, for queen size. And as I mentioned before, some luxury mattress, mostly made from organic latex. sells over $2,000 or even  $5,000 on their official site.  so you need to pick up based on your budget.

Personally, I don’t recommend to buy your mattress under $500 for queen size.  Most of them are made in China and with poor quality and customer service. Some of them even don’t have warranty and trial. If you buy them, that would be a waste of money.

So if you want to pick up the best mattress with the least money. I would like you to read reviews from good mattress reviews site.  They did personal testing and can save you a lot of time to research.  And most of them worked with the manufactures and provide you the coupon code to save your cost.

Which kinds of mattress you shouldn’t buy

  • The mattresses have poor review and ratings.
  • The mattresses have little or none trial and poor customer service, you can know this from the mattress review site I recommend before.
  • The mattresses used the poor material, remember to choose the mattress which used foam which is approved by CertiPUR-US.

Other kinds of mattress for special use

The tips and guide I wrote about are mostly for all kinds of mattresses. But this is still some other cases, like futon mattress that can be laid on the floor, and air mattress for camping,  others like the adjustable bed, crib mattress,  pets bed and sleep associations.  I won’t talk too much about those here, but you can reference the link I mentioned before to get more details.

I believe you can get what you need from the guide I provided and pick up the best mattress for the money.  Good Luck and welcome to post a comment if you need my help!