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We have people who can fall asleep just anywhere while others need comfort and some kind of bliss to fall a sleep. The Zinus Night Therapy MyGel Memory Foam Mattress has received very good reviews from various customers because it helped them fall a sleep much faster, and sleeping became more comfortable and soundly. For people who suffer from various illnesses such as insomnia, chronic pain, and any kind of discomfort as they sleep should probably consider buying this unique therapy mattress.

MyGel Memory Foam Mattress offers improved airflow movement while at the same time giving a customized level of support through use of its pressure relief feature. You’ll be assured of resting much easy and with a cooling comfort when you use this mattress from Night Therapy. This product is made from high quality memory foam and is available in thickness of different levels.

As the name says, this mattress features so many Gel beads infused together with memory foam. The Gel beads are for ensuring that a person gets a cooler sleep during the night. The name “Night Therapy” is used here well, since when you wake up from sleep in the morning you will just be feeling fresh. This mattress has been made with an open cell technology and which is very beneficial to your body and more specifically to your lower back areas.

Features and specifications of Night therapy

The materials used in making this mattress comprises of the CertiPUR-US open cell memory foam. This technology allows for good air circulation flow. Some of the ingredients used in making this mattress include: ActivFRESH Charcoal, Green Tea, and the natural oils. The natural oils are for keeping the mattress fresh and healthy.

This product measures 80x76x13 inches and weighs up to 117 pounds.

This mattress has a thickness of 13-inches and this thickness will just expands naturally within the hours that it is opened. It features a 1.5 inch layer of the Memory foam on top of it together with green extracts of tea. This foam is good at preventing cases of odour. It is also made of a 2.5 inch layer of the MyGel Foam which provides the highest level of comfort to the user, a 6 inch layer of the high density foam support at the bottom and this is for giving the mattress great support. And finally, a 3 inch layer of the pressure relief foam. This ensures that the user gets very nice sleep without having to worry about any kind of pains and backaches. Its pressure relief system helps to ventilate the main parts of your body as you sleep hence reducing the chances of pains in your body.

This mattress also comes with features that provide the highest level of comfort. It provides the support and pressure point relief of real memory foam while at the same time still maintaining the temperature level through use of the open cell technique.

This product has very high durability period. It has a 10 year limited warranty period so as to ensure that there aren’t any kinds of factory faults. The product has also been certified by the US CertiPUR for durability and high performance. It also meets the US regulations on flammability.

Whenever you purchase this product, you’ll be given a mattress and a cover. This mattress cover has been made of Jacquad and has velveteen borders.

This product has also very high safety levels since it has been made to go through various rigorous level of laboratory testing in order to get the certification status by the US-CertiPUR. And, this ensures that the product is very safe for household usage.

There isn’t any kind of weight limit that accompanies this mattress. However, people of various sizes and weights have come up to give very good reviews about this product.


This is a therapeutic mattress which goes through very rigorous laboratory testing and thus has been proven to help people who have problems falling sleep be able to fall asleep much faster and sleep for more hours. And it’s one of the best seller of Zinus mattress brand.

Apart from this mattress being reasonably priced, it is also issued with a 10 year warranty thus making the buyer have that confidence in the product. The 10 year warranty also makes the mattress an incredible asset.

This Memory foam Mattress has been made using supportive memory foam and this gives the user a custom like, form fitting night rest after such a long and tiresome day.

This mattress uses the patented compression technique; the technology makes it easy to pack the mattress and to ship it. It also ensures that there is easy installation and portability, even when carried in narrow hallways.

This product has the entire safety standard required since it meets and exceeds all the safety standards set by both the federal and state governments. Some of the unique ingredients used in making this product include green tea extracts and charcoal; and this gives this mattress some additional health benefits.


Some of the consumers of this product said it was somehow too firm for their personal taste, but when some of them modified it a bit with a topper so as to give it a more flexible feel, they became a happy lot.

This mattress features the memory foam content and this conforms with the body as you sleep, this might not augur well with some consumers since they may have not expected it or enjoyed it. However, this mattress provides room for more modification, but according to the customers own preferences. And, this is done using a mattress topper.

Some of the customers reviewed said they felt somehow hot when sleeping on this mattress. This varies according to people since there maybe others who would like to feel a bit warm as they sleep while others would just want the mattress to remain cooler. However, many of the people reviewed said that the product was a bit cooler than the typical memory foam.

What some of the consumers of this product said about it……….

Various consumers have had their say but you would likely see the product received an overwhelming number of positive reviews. Most of the users confessed sleeping more comfortably and soundly when they used this product. Most of the people who were reviewed said that this product was very similar to other types of memory foam products, but without having the setback of being too hot. While some of the consumers might have not expected the mattress to be that firm, most of them confessed to have enjoyed the additional support that comes with the product. Most of the consumers who have chronic sleeping problems said that they were able to find some kind of relief as they slept, with some saying it was their first time to get some good sleep.

There are some of the consumers who complained that the product wasn’t rising to the full 13 inches depth as earlier portrayed. However, most of those reviewed said that the mattress was able to expand to its full size after 48 hours had elapsed. Most of the buyers were in agreement that the mattress cover was removable and washable, something that made it easier to clean it. Many of the people reviewed also said that the mattress can work on different kinds of beds, such as the hospital bed as well as their usual box spring sets. Most of them suggested that it wasn’t good enough to sleep on that mattress on its first night since this allowed the mattress to expand to its full depth and length.

Some of the consumers were apprehensive about being able to use this mattress with an electric blanket. The makers of this product suggested that a person should desist from using high settings when he chooses to use an electric blanket.

My own personal experience with this product……

I actually decided to also buy this product but before that, I ensured that I cross-checked first on various online shopping platforms such as eBay, Amazon and many more so as to familiarise myself with the specifications and benefits before actually deciding to buy the product.

I later placed an order at amazon and I had to wait for 4 days before the product finally arrived. But once the product was delivered, it was very easy and simple to unpack it. There was also some kind of slight odour that came with the mattress; however, it disappeared as time passed by. I left the product for a day before I finally slept on it.

I later ordered for the frame of this product and actually it was strongly built, and was able to strongly hold the 69lbs mattress. It was very difficult moving it around but considering the comfort that comes with it, it was more worthy the trouble. The mattress itself was of high quality and it was brilliantly made.

My final thoughts…..

This mattress is surely the real deal if you’re looking for a Certi-PUR certified mattress that has therapeutic benefits. The mattress doesn’t store any kind o f heat. It consists of multiple layers and memory foam support that helps to take away any heat from your body and thus let’s you have a cooler sleep at night. Therefore, you won’t be subjected to any kind of sogginess as a result of heat and sweat. This is a great product and you can easily order it at any online shopping store.

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